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Sell your (old) vehicle today

Selling your old vehicle? We are happy to buy it from you!

Why outsource purchasing to Companjen?


Companjen Bedrijfswagens B.V. is a family business that has been specialising in the purchase and sale of livestock trucks, livestock trailers, and livestock trailers for years.

Easy to sell

Selling a vehicle? We are happy to take care of it and buy it from you!

Trade in

Have you seen a vehicle with us? Trade in your old vehicle. Ask for the possibilities.

Companjen Inkoop foto

Outsourcing to Companjen is easy and secure

For a carefree sale of your vehicle, Companjen is the right address. We will be happy to contact you to make an appointment to value your vehicle.

To prevent problems later, we will inspect your vehicle in our workshop. Because we are a RDW recognized company, we can easily export vehicles abroad. We also arrange export license plates and all the necessary paperwork for customs.

In short: an easy and safe sale!

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Companjen Bedrijfswagens BV
Zonnekracht 12
7671 RP Vriezenveen

Bertus Companjen
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